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C.C. Wm. Meyer Silver Wedding Anniversary

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I recently purchased an aluminum silver wedding anniversary token from 1891. I am looking to learn more about Mr. C.C. Wm. Meyer. No luck positively identifying him so far. He may be William or Wilhelm. He may or may not have been born in American, he could be a German Jew who migrated to the U.S. One possibility is that he may have been a partner in a photography firm. A few things that interest me about the medal. First, it is not a usual subject for someone to issue a wedding anniversary medal. It must have been meant for distribution outside the immediate family, perhaps through one's business. The second interesting fact is that aluminum was not yet that common in 1891. It became a mainstay in token and medal production after 1893 and the Chicago, but it was used sporadically in 1891 and was occasionally used by Chicago token manufacturers in 1891. So, despite knowing it is from Chicago and knowing the name of the person for whom the medal was issued, it remains in my research box in search of Mr. Meyer and his story.


Meyer anniversary 1.jpg

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That is a neat token and a great research project. Good luck with it and please keep us updated.

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Love this type of medal.


This might someone to consider


Minutes of the Annual Conferences of the Methodist Episcopal Church 1874
Chicago German Conference 1874....Where are the preachers stationed.....Chicago District.....Cedar Lake, Wilhelm Meyer.
From other years....
In 1872 Peru, Illinois. early on he was listed as Wilhelm Meier(Meyer)
1876 Quest 3. Who remain on trial...Wilhelm Meyer
Who are admitted into full Connection(Deacons)
He was moving up within the Church.
1879 Sandwich(Ill) William Meyer(looks like he anglizised his first name too)
1882 Milford & Portland Wm Meyer
1888 he completed Quest 19 making him a Superainuated Preacher...possesses all the rights, powers and prerogatives of an effective preacher in an annual conference. He may serve on any committee, vote on any question and represent an annual conference as a delegate, in the General Conference, plus if he resides in his own conference he may attend quarterly conferences. He did not have to preach but became part of the church hierarchy.
So he was someone of importance, I wonder if the C.C. might not be his initials but stand for Chicago Conference?
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In geneology searches, I have found C. C. W. Meyer, but nothing specific to tie that entry to Chicago in 1891. I find a Wm. Meyer as a partner in a Chicago photography firm in the right time period, but nothing to link to C.C. Wm. I don't know if the marriage happened in the US, Germany, or elsewhere. I suspect my Meyer is Jewish and not Methodist. Why? A hunch, a thin suspicion that the use of a token is more likely a Jewish tradition or a German tradition. But, its just a gut feeling.


One day I will find it.

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