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Sincona auction 24


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Look at lots 1029 and 1031, 50 kopecks 1899-FZ (1x) and 1900 (3x).


Am I the only one that sees a discrepancy between the images and the descriptions? :shock:


More specifically, I would not call these "uncirculated", much less "nice uncirculated" or "choice uncirculated".

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There were such discrepancies before.

For example, auction 19 lot 928 included 3 x 50 Kopecks 1899AГ described as "About uncirculated (3)".

But when the winner sent them to NGC, only one of them in fact got AU58 grade !!!!

Isn't it a terrible discrepancy ??


(the other 2 got MS64 and MS66 respectively)


In general, I'd advise not to judge coins by picture in the catalogue.

If you have a possibility, it's always better to go and see them with your own eyes.


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It is nice to have discrepancies such as the ones you describe, of course. :yes:


Grading is always going to be somewhat subjective. Since I live in Zurich, I'll try to find time this week to look at them in person. As to the three coins in lot 1031, I would have expected the printed catalog at least to mention the graffiti on both of the other coins not pictured (all of the coins in that lot are pictured in the Internet catalog).


Just curious, does the seller write his own descriptions? Or Sincona?

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I looked at these coins today and some others. The descriptions are accurate, except for the lack of mention of the graffiti. The pictures do NOT do these coins justice! I look forward to placing my bids in person.

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I sat in all day today. I was the underbidder for lot 1029. In spite of my initial reservations, it was actually a very nice coin, but I can't see paying more than 800 to 1,000 for it. There was a tag from the original collector (presumably) in its holder where it was marked "AU". By today's grading standards, it would probably grade MS-62 or perhaps MS-63, IMHO.


I still don't understand how lot 1095 got to be so expensive (it's not a proof, either)! :shock:


Tried to bid on the 1912 Borodino rouble but without any success. Oh well, now at least I have some more money to invest in stocks... or in other coins... :read:

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Looks like Sincona is recession proof! :)



I'm wondering who the collector was. There are so many rarities here that it might be able to find out who it was by deduction. For example, lot 1077 (pattern 25 kopecks 1911 in nickel). There were only 5 pieces struck. This one belonged to King Farouk and later to Randolph Zander, according to the description (what does "via private treaty" mean?).


Most of the quoted collector notes in the descriptions are in idiomatic English and display a great deal of knowledge about varieties, things that were not documented even by Severin. Also, the collector was familiar with GDM, Ilyin and all of the famous auctions (Hess, etc.) It must have been someone close to the Russian Numismatic Society in America, IMHO. The only person close to the RNS selling his collection recently has been RW Julian, but I think he has been selling his coins through Jim Elmen's WWCC auctions.


Who else could it be?

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I thought it was universally agreed that the collection belonged to Sodermann.


Thank you, alexbq2! :art: I think you must be right ... perhaps it was even announced in Sincona's auction catalog of the first part?


Here is an interesting page about Södermann's biography (in Russian) which also contains a few paragraphs by Randolph Zander about him:



Since he lived out his last years in Switzerland, it would make sense that his family must be selling the rest of his collection through Sincona.

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Have any of you looked at the prices realized list yet? At the end, there is a list of unsold lots. Very many of the lots which were offered in the last part of Sincona 24 did not sell. Most are silver minor denominations (5, 10, 20 kopecks etc.) in high grade, mostly in slabs. Is it because of the higher estimates? The slabs? Or did all of the Russian buyers just decide to leave after the close of Tuesday's auction (perhaps to save one night's hotel expense)? :confus:

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