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Newbie here - quick question re Russian 1 ruble note...


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It is one of the many "1915" issues. P-15. You can best see it and the others at on the "Bank Note Museum". They identify it as P-15(3-10) since it is a Block HБ 400.


Here is the link:



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It is a 1915 issue note, which you can tell by the serial number as "XX-NNN" (X is a letter, N is a one to three digit number).


However, the signatures are the normal for the issue. The top signature is Ivan Shipov, minister of finance of the Empire during the printing of these notes. He is the latest of the four main signatories of imperial notes (along with Pleske, Timashev, and Konshin). The bottom signature, the cashier, has many varieties, but this particular one is Starikov.

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