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Catalogs of Peter the Great: 1711-1719 / 1720-1725 by RNS


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I am puzzled. In the supplement printed by Brekke in 1987 he mentioned this:


"The situation is due to be rectified shortly. A team of RNS members, headed by Anders Berglund, has translated the Grand Duke's excessively rare published catalogue covering coins of 1682-1710 (including some 1300 coppers from 1700 through 1710). Catalogue text has been generated to describe the coins illustrated on the unpublished plates covering 1711-1719, and data are being assembled on which to base a comprehensive catalogue and set of plates for the years 1720-1725."


What happened to that work? Has it ever being published in full or partly?

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It sounds vaguely familiar. I do not think it ever became RNS publication. But I do remember seeing one for auction somewhere.

And speaking of that I decided to look at the auction catalog of the Zander Library. Yes, it is there as lot 1077:


(Michailovitch, Geand Duke George) English translation by Anders Berglund of the text

of Volume II, Peter I 1682-1710, 93 pages, and constructed English text for 1711-1719

plates, 99 pages. Card Covers


Estimate was $50, sold for $110

Do not know how many copies were produced. I do not think I've seen one offered since.

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