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1954 Canadian 1$ Bill (Unique Serial Number)


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As the title says, I have a Canadian 1$ bill from 1954, the serial number is 5000000, there is a fraction of the letters z and m in front of the serial number (Z/M).


The signatures at the bottom are M. Beattie and H. Rasminsky.


The banknote is in rough shape (obviously well-circulated):

-There is a significant fold mark at the halfway point, and 2 less visible fold marks at the 1/4 and 3/4 points

-It's gathered dirt and if it was circulated a lot, sweat too (The usual white around the edges has turned yellow)

-One corner is folded, the others are slightly bent

-Around the border there are some bends

-On the reverse there is two clear liquid stains (saliva/rain???)


If you prefer to see a picture: http://postimage.org/image/8upaizggx/

The picture was taken in an area without direct light...the yellowish color is really only present on the border.


Could anyone give me an estimate on what it's worth?




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Hello Jeremy;


I'm glad you've come by. Sorry that I can't help with your note. Someone should be along in a while to help out. Welcome to CoinPeople.

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