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10 Cent Fractional note

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I'm not a big collector, but I have a smattering of various US fractional notes. I always wondered about the big black "O" that is stamped across the 10 cent. I know this is not on all the 10 series (I believe mine is second series), and I have also seen it on a 5 cent note. I can provide a scan, if necessary, but I think if you are a fractional collector you will know what I'm talking about. Any idea what it is for or why they did this? Thanks.


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That is called 'bronzing' which was done by using powdered bronze in an ink base. This was an anti-counterfeiting device used as an attempt to prevent photographic reproduction.

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Thanks for the info. I have 2 of them, but the bronze has turned black. I've seen the bronze color on other bills, but it always seems better coordinated into the design. Any idea why they splatted a big "0" right across the front of this one? Is there any significance to that (ie. why not a "10" like on the third issue or on the back)?

Appreciate the use of your brain.....

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