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The Highs and Lows of Coin collecting


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I would love to hear what everyone loves the most about coin collecting and what they find the most troublesome.


Personally, I am obsessed with the history behind coins. I remember holding my first roman coin and wondering what all this coin must've witnessed in its life.

I've never been too much into the investing side since the history means the most to me :)

My biggest pain has been figuring out what to do with problem coins that are damaged.

So I guess it's a good thing I love the history aspect so much!


What are you highs and lows?

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Great questions! Also welcome to Coinpeople!

I love the very stately designs of the US coins of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Crisp and gorgeous, evocative of so many different eras. I love hunting down the ones I need to create a series.


My lows? Not having any good shops nearby, surprising considering I live in one of the richest, smartest, diverse cities in the world. I miss the old mom and pop coin stores. Therefore, its only once a year that I get to go buy some new coins or notes.

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I too love the history and the potential travels/contacts my coins represent. I wonder if those Indian Head cents were held and used by people like Abraham Lincoln or Jefferson Davis. I also wonder about the everyday uses they've seen. The soldier going off to war giving the coin to his child. A paperboy earning his first tip. ...It's an endless list of possibilities.

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The high for me is certainly finding the good bargain with coins. The one thing I do not like though is the cut throat nature of coin collectors. Usually when I see a group of them gathered in a spot I bail out. Once you start dealing with people who view it as more of a commodity than a piece of history and art it is usually not going to be a positive experience. Sucks all the fun out of the room.

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