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I have a beautiful Large Banknote from India. It is really a beautiful note. To get a grade 65 from PMG was a nice reward. These notes at this size are made on thin paper that usually tear, wrinkle or crease. This note is in excellent shape!!


I am not experienced with collecting Banknotes, but how come Banknotes from India are not popular? I think it is a great note! I display them at shows, but they always seem to get overlooked. :shock:






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India banknotes is a slightly complicated topic. Up until about 15 years ago, while the market was very strong, it was primarily in India and some dedicated collector pockets. Most established auctioneers did always carry a good selection and the material remained eminently affordable. The advent of ebay and online auctions caused an explosion and bid-rigging drove up the market, but again only among dedicated India collectors, both inside and outside India, and largely comprised Indians. Today, all but the very common banknotes are largely priced out of the reach of a regular collector. I have certainly stopped buying them.


In the United States, I have struggled to see a steady market for anything other than American currency. Often, in shows when I look for India (or some other non US currency) pieces I am interested in, there is glaring paucity of inventory. It is not surprising that you do not see interest. I am curious, do you interest of other non-US currency items?


The note shown above is a fairly common note. Considering this issue is from 1975 and was demonetized in 1977, there are many pieces available and many in very good condition.

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