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Gem embedded in pound coin


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I recently looked in an old purse of mine and found a very strange British pound coin. It's dated 1984 and has the thistle and royal diadem design on the back. On the heads side there is a little star with a clear gem in the center. I immediately started searching the internet but I couldn't find any other coins like it or anyone who had heard of this. I thought it might be fake but it looks and feels legitimate and it would be odd for someone faking coins to put effort into making it stand out. Not being able to find any info at all on this coin is driving me crazy. Have any of you seen anything like this before?










EDIT: Could someone have had it modified for some reason? Have you heard of anyone doing that?

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First time I've seen that. I've seen coins that come from the mint with stones embedded but this looks like a private issue.

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It's the first time I've seen it on a modern coin - I've seen this on 3d (predecimal silver threepence) coins and some other denomination several times previously. I think it might be masonic related.

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It seemsto me to be post mint modified by a professional jeweller.

There has been occasions where the Perth Mint has produced kilo bullion silver coins with a small diamond embeded. They are made for the Chinese market to commemorate a particular year of the Chionese 12 year cyclical calendar. The diamond goes in the eye socket of the particular animal associated the that year.

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