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Info on this Iranian Rial


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I have this Iranian Rial, I think it is from the 1970's. I tried looking it up online but have found nothing about this and thought maybe someone here might know something. There are 2 yellow stamps/marks on the bill front and back. I haven't seen these on any other bills. They aren't something attached to the bill itself but are printed on...seems like it was printed on a while ago, maybe originally with the bill. Also the writing is in Spanish in parts. Anyways if anyone knows what this is all about please let me know as it has been something I have wondered for a few years now.


The bill itself is about 1 1/2" x 5"DSC_1360-3.jpg


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Actually, it may not be real. I do not know if the publishers of "Cromos del Album del Mundo" used real "banknotes", they may have used replicas and applied the stickers to the note. Even if real, you cannot remove the "stickers" off the note without damaging them. And with the stickers, there may be little value in the note because of the sticker.

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