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One cent one side - is this a real split error coin or fake ?


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My fellow co-worker found it in roll of cents. Is this a split or fake ? Please assist. Thank you in advance !


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thank you !

are there any other opinions?

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Yes it is part of the Adams penny to dime trick! It is called a shell


you show the loaded shell and block and then place on the back of somebodies hand.


on the hand.


Dime and steel disk in shell


Shell held in place on block by magnet


Shell, block and the two items you have to supply, a dime and a regular penny the backs are shown on the pennies due to the fact they are all the same or were. No dates.

after picking up the shell you scrape and palm the shell off the block, so you can show the bottom. Cheap sold for a couple dollars in years past. Now under $5.00 http://www.magictricks.com/adams-magical-block.html

Here is the vid from adams it is better when done like I described.




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