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Coins at the Smithsonian


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I recently visited the Smithsonian at Washington DC, specifically the Museum of American History.
As you might know, the collection of Russian coins once owned by Grand Duke Georgii Mimkhailovich Romanov "lives" there.

Coins were not on public view at the museum for a long time, but finally some coins went back on display and the exhibit was open to public yesterday.

I have a few blurry pictures showing the layout and the feel. Hopefully Alex can help me in posting them here.

Better pictures will be available in the near future.


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Very nice!


I really like how some of the large coins appear very distinctive from a distance. In particular the copper plate, Sestroretsk ruble as well as the Japanese oban.


Think there's the silver hryvnia as well?

The presentation gives great context, comparing and contrasting small coins with large coins, round coins, square coins gold, silver, copper, etc I think it adds quite a bit of interest.


This is why i enjoy your presentations, such as the Paul type set you just created, Gx!

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squirrel - the beautiful of using photoshop is that you can arrange any set the way you like it.


It does take a bit of time to get your heads around it. Once you have it setup, it should not take too long to make one. I reckon I had that Paul I pages done in about 2 hours or so. That included retaking some photos as they were not too good in the first place.

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