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I have published a short book that details in depth how to design and manufacture your own coins!

First post, I know and I'm selling something- truth is I've only lurked this forum in the past but I thought that the frequenters may be interested in the book I recently completed on the subject of designing and manufacturing your own coins :)

I'm really excited to present this as the target market that inspired the book are partly based in these forums. I have tried to make it as straightforward as possible without being condescending and I really believe that the information contained will help anyone starting out (or maybe those already started) with the lengthy and sometimes isolated process of making their own awesome coins.

A little more detail: In the past on other forums at at social meet-ups I have had questions asking about how my coins were made and the techniques used. So in response I have written extensively on every part of my work process and standardised it into chapters that quickly bring all the relevant information and skills together and show how anyone can create fun and interesting coins themselves!

I hope that you enjoy the book (and making coins) as much as I enjoyed writing and using the techniques contained in the eBook!



Comments and questions welcome (especially on the eBook page itself), I will try and get back as soon as possible.

The book is also part of Kindle Unlimited- so if you have that it won't cost you anything :)

I'm sure that you are probably unfamiliar with my small scale projects, so here are some links to them :)

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It looks like a nice book. Best of luck with it and welcome to CoinPeople.

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