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Is this the " kuang hsu, gold ku'ping pattern tael " ???


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Hi Thanks for the info!.^^ btw can i know how do you tell if this is counterfeit coin and not the real one? Is't because of the colours, wordings or something else ( i would love to know ). I got this from my friend's mom which she has been keeping it for almost 30 years ( she found this in the warehouse while she was working and she Kept It ) . Can this possibly be the real thing or Is't a 100% counterfiet? Hehe

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Counterfeits can be produced from the very day any coins are minted. Therefore it does not matter how long ago it was kept as it was a counterfeit from day one.


There are more than enough signs to tell that this is a counterfeit. First the details are just too mushy. Second, the metal does not seem right. If this is magnetic, this is already a sign that it cannot be genuine. Original coins were struck in silver and silver is not magnetic. Lastly, the weight of this should be 26.9g.

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