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understanding my late father's coins for IHT


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Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


I have just inherited a lot of proof silver coins from the 1970s on from my father. They are nicely presented in plastic cases....but...I suspect that they are not worth more than the melt-down value? is that true? for instance, he had a lot of world wildlife conservation coins from the mid 70s.


He also has a few gold sovereigns, including one George v or vi.... I assume these may be worth a bit more?


I am not necessarily looking to sell - I'd just like a realistic valuation for the PITA forms.


thank you


I appreciate that most of the conversations appear to be about older, used coins, and I have some of those to start looking at too :-)


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Hello and welcome,


I am afraid you are right about the proof silver coins. A coin dealer will probably pay a little less than the melt-down value. If you like them keep them.


Gold sovereigns is a totally different matter. You can look at sale prices here: http://www.goldsovereigns.co.uk


A coin dealer will of course pay less, and much depends on the conservation grade.

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