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Please help identify an ancient piece

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It purports to be a medieval equestrian seal or sigillvm, see some examples here https://www.google.com/search?q=medieval+seal&espv=2&biw=1517&bih=714&tbm=isch&imgil=F__oWuqxpC-wOM%253A%253BNrjucZ8WRDgC5M%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Faclerkofoxford.blogspot.com%25252F2011%25252F08%25252Fmedieval-seal-inscriptions.html&source=iu&pf=m&fir=F__oWuqxpC-wOM%253A%252CNrjucZ8WRDgC5M%252C_&usg=__v1Kd8kwTEKcskwp-Lex3wovU9qk%3D&dpr=0.9&ved=0CCgQyjdqFQoTCPz3qZrzjcYCFRIQkgodVA4Mew&ei=_MZ8VfyJH5KgyATUnLDYBw#tbm=isch&q=equestrian+seal+sigillvm they were used to sign & seal a document or letter by pressing them into wax. Hence the ring or seal image was reversed so as the wax imprint was the correct orientation.


I am no expert on these, hence the reluctance to post a reply, but I suspect it is just a copy, I can make out PHILI by the forelegs. Hope I am wrong :)


EDIT. You might find this site of interest http://www.colchestertreasurehunting.co.uk/s/seals.htm

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