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Memorial Day in the USA


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Today is Memorial Day in the USA. For many, it is a solemn day to remember the veterans who gave their lives to protect this country. For others, it is the first weekend of summer - a day for grilling and swimming.


Let's celebrate the former here on Coinpeople.com. Post coins or banknotes that commemorate veterans or wars in some way.


Here's an example and my favorite coin series:


The Peace dollar - this coin was first struck in 1921 as a commemoration of peace following World War I.



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I'm going to go with a few here.


First is the Bicentennial quarter, a design I've always loved:



and second and third are the steelie I pulled out of a Coinstar the other day, and a silver war nickel from my Jefferson collection -- real in-hand reminders of how intensely men and materiel were committed to the war effort in WWII:



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