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Penny collection inherited from Dad


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Hello everyone,


I'm new here and have just been given a little collection of pennies from my Dad. They have been in his wardrobe for years and as he's moving, he passed them on to me.


I'm not going to lie, I know nothing about coins, but these pennies grabbed my interest as I like to think of who, before my Dad, handled them and what they spent them on! That might sound strange, but it got my attention.


So I thought I'd join up here to see if they are a good collection or just nice looking junk?! There are 265 pennies ranging from 1906 to 1967.


Any thoughts from anyone would be nice to hear as I feel like this could be a hobby I think I could get into.


Look forward to hearing from someone.


All the best,


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Hi, I'm new too, and I like the way you think - I often wonder who handled my coins too, and where they've been.


I guess the things to do as a new collector are:


1) Protect your pennies! Invest in a nice new coin folder or holders, prefarably one with no PVC in. All sorts of things can create coin damage over time, the chemicals in paper , the acids in wood, the sweat off your fingers...


2) Don't be tempted to clean or polish them in any way!


3) Get a high magnification magnifying glass. There are details on coins you never knew were there! Also, you need a magnifier to 'grade' them properly.


4) Learn about the art and inexact science of grading: http://www.coinsgb.com/Grading.html


Here are some websites with lots of info on that I use, as well as from this one:



Further down this long webpage is more on grading.


I also use the above page to check for rare dates. The 1933 penny is the rarest penny there is.



Friendly UK based community.


I am currently on stage 4 so I will end this post here.

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