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Greetings. I've been a member here for a while (before the crash and then rejoined after the site was set up again), but I never posted until recently. Anyway, now that I've posted a few times, I figured I'd better introduce myself. I'm an American, currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. No, I'm not one of those weirdo expats that can't make it in his home country. I actually work for Uncle Sam out here. I also did some high school and college here in the Kingdom, so it is kind of a second home. Anyway, I collect coins and banknotes from the US and Asia. Currently, I am working on:

1-Libery Nickel set

2-Complete coin sets from 1900 and 1904 (100 years prior to the birth of each of my children)

3-Bunch of local stuff that I doubt anyone would be interested in except for me

4-Trying to get my son interested in the hobby by helping him with a circulated Roosevelt dime set (which is not so easy to do from over here, and which my son would rather spend on candy anyway :ninja: )


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Welcome glad you're beginning to post. I'm sure you have a lot of interesting and unusual(for most of us) things to share.



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My undergrad ed is in Southeast Asian studies and my graduate work is in economics, so I collect seemingly random pieces that interest me for historical or personal reasons. There is a constant stream of commemoratives (bordering on ridiculous) from the recent modern era that I occasionally collect such as the 20 and 50 baht coins. I would collect older Rattanakosin coinage (1782-) as well as Auttaya era (1351-1767) and Sukothai era (1238-1438) coinage if there wasn't so much fake stuff on the market. It's frustrating because the stuff that is historically interesting is very easy to counterfeit. My banknotes mirror my coins in that they tend towards Royal family commemoratives and early Rama IX issues (1946-). It is worthy to note that I would have a lot more, except that my wife considers it her hobby to prevent me from buying coins.

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