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National Parks Commemoratives


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There was a bill presented earlier this year to produce commemoratives for a bunch of national parks over the next 15 years:

2007 Devils Tower National Monument 100th

2008 Grand Canyon National Park 100th

2010 Glacier National Park 100th

2011 Lincoln Memorial 100th

2014 Yosemite National Park 150th

2015 Rocky Mountain National Park 100th

2016 National Park Service 100th

2017 Denali National Park 100th

2018 Acadia National Park 100th

2019 Zion National Park 100th

2020 Gettysburg National Military Park 125th

Does anyone know if the bill was passed and if these will be produced or not? I've never collected any commemoratives before, but I'm a big National Park lover.



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This is the bill you are refering to, right?

I'm pretty sure that it hasn't been acted on, because the Mint usually publishes a press release as soon as new products are authorized.


The Mint has issued a Yellowstone National Park commemorative which you may be aware of.




Someone else may have more info on this legislation.

Good luck!

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Yes, although it appears from the date that it was resubmitted again (I think I saw a bill dated Nov 2004). I was just wondering if anyone had inside info as to whether or not this was going to make it. Yes, I am aware of the Yellowstone (and Mount Rushmore) commemoratives although I haven't bought them yet.

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