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What should I get graded?


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I am new to the hobby even though I have been interested in coins all my life. I am starting to build a collection and decided to join NGC. I get 5 free coin grading services with the membership. I just don't know what to send. I have a variety of coins from VG to uncirculated.


I have an unopened 1959 proof set that I was thinking of sending the half dollar and quarter from. I know some of you may cringe at the thought of opening the set. But I feel they will grade high enough to make it worth doing.


I guess I just need some advice on how to make a decision when to or not send a coin in for grading.


Thank you!


NW Arkansas

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Welcome to Coinpeople, David! You'll like it here!

Don't open the set! How cool is it that you still have it unopened. That has value alone.


But what is the value of the coins if they were broken out and graded PF-70? What are the chances of that actually happening? What if they come out PF-68 and are among several hundred of the same grade? How much value would they hold?


What are your other coins you're considering grading?

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Honestly I like slabs in the way they protect your coins. I hate slabs in the way they are seemingly arbitrarily graded and the grade changes depending on the individual and the pedigree of the coin. Also, you can't get a feel for a coin in a plastic tomb.


I'd say the best thing to do is find coins that are either known to hold value only when stabbed (likely newer coins), or if you have any questionable coins like early Spanish 8 reales, Chinese silver or Russian silver. The only reason I purposefully buy slabs are when it's a highly counterfeited coin. And even then only from a reputable dealer since the slabs themselves have also been counterfeited. Lol

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