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Banknote Collecting Theme

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I have gotten my first piece of currency with guns depicted on it (Thanks MisterMcDoo!)



And I want to get this one if possible:



But here is the larger question; are there others who collect notes based on this theme? And is there a overall list of the types of themes that appear on world notes? So far I have found neither on the web. Or is theme collecting not that popular in the banknote arena?

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WOW, that's a good question really. I can't think of any right now. You got me hard, biggandyy. :ninja:


What kind of country would feature guns on their banknotes... lol...


The only possible countries that I can think of is either S. America or some old Phillipines banknotes... I mean even N.Korea does not have something like this... XD;;; unless I fail to notice the recent banknotes. ;)

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Answering your question about theme collecting... everybody has their own thing, like Tiffibunny's ugly or akward banknote collection, so I'm sure there is too many to list.


Good luck with the gun theme collection. I'd go to Ron Wise's site and look around to find more gun notes... if you want to give me a PM I also know where to find the Cuban machine gun note for a good price.

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I like that Cuban note. I'll flip through some of my world albums tonight and see if I spot any guns.

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