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serial number on 20$ bill bleeds through to reverse side


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Hello, I recently came across a 20 dollar bill and the serial number bleeds through to the reverse of the bank note and I was wondering if this is rare and what the estimated value is. I don't own a nice camera so the bleeding of the serial number is a bit stronger. Also under the top left serial number it says F6 in black and that bleeds through as well. Hope to find out what this might be worth or if this is a common error.




WIN_20150205_190327 (2).JPG

WIN_20150205_190616 (2).JPG

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Not much of an error I'm afraid, These are more common than you'd think. The serial number has four leading zeroes, which gives it a little more 'oomph' if you will, but even still, this is not really considered a low serial number by a lot of collectors. I'd say there is no added value to the note myself.

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