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Is this a counterfeit coin? 1876 H Canada One Cent

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I am a novice collector and grader of Canadian 1C coins and would like some more knowledgable advice on this particular coin in my collection. Some red flags have gone up for me when grading this.


Coin Graded:

1876 H
Naked Eye First Impression:
Immediately spot a chip under leave 10 on reverse. The missing vine above leaf two is consistent with the Charlton guide. The is a break in the vine to leaf 15 which is not consistent. Otherwise the reverse looks sharp with a few nicks and marks but nothing that steals attention.
The obverse is sharp and shows no visible wear. However the die has a 15 degree rotation to the right.
20X impression:
Chip is very noticeable and would knock this coins grade down if it got graded at all.
On the obverse there is what appears to be a chip on the top bun. I’ve never seen this before and between the chip the missing vine and the die rotation and strongly feeling like this coin is counterfit.
The swept back hair covering the ears and the back of the diadem:
No wear
Eyebrow and cheek bone:
No wear.
Top Row of jewels in the diadem:
No wear.
Ribbon end overlapping neck:
No wear.
I would grade this a MS-63 BR without the rim damage and the chip on the obverse. If this coin is real I would grade it MS-60 BR. I’m unsure about this coin.


What do you think?



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Why do you think it's not genuine? I have a complete collection of Canadian large cents and it sure looks OK to me...nice high-grade, anywhere from AU-UNC...

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