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What does unicef do with coins they collect?

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I frequently see Unicef donation collection boxes at banks, airports, currency exchanges. I was just curious if anyone knows what they do with these coins, who they sell them to? and if its possible to buy bulk coins by weight from them?

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I'm not familiar with their general collection boxes (sounds like it might be a regional thing as the only time I see them is usually with kids on halloween) but collection / charity donation boxes in general usually end up in one of two dispositions:


1. If there's someone local to collect, usually they get collected up, with any foreign coins typically sold to a dealer (preferably one that also handles foreign exchange coins and so they can maximize value, and there are a number of those around).


2. If there isn't someone around to collect, sometimes the charity may simply ask the merchant to "cash out" the proceeds at a certain point in time and remit the collected funds to them.


If the boxes are geared towards collecting foreign coins, then the first option would be most likely.

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