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Modern UK notes


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Does anyone know the early serial number runs for British notes (Bank of England only because i don't count Scottish notes as real).



£5 Fry notes; started at HA, no? (I had a crisp HD one for a few years but i had to spend it)


£10 Darwin notes; did they start at BA?


£20 Elgar... ???




Has anyone heard any news on a new £50 note any time soon? The Houblon note's days must be numbered surely?


I miss the Faraday 20s... they were nice notes but sadly too easy to forge hence their untimely demise.

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I might be able to fill you in with the Bailey ones later... the bank machine that gives out the crisp fives will help me out on that one. It's still giving ot wads of crisp Lowther fivers and i think these were either K or L to start. The Bailey ones turn up here and there it won't take a genius to narrow it down.


The tens are a little bit more problematic i reckon. As for the twenties i'm not getting started on those guys! :ninja:

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