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Any info on the next New York Sale?


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In the mean time you can check Heritage floor session. The Internet only session looks pretty good too:






Thanks, Igor! Too bad these are all in plastic. But the pictures are absolutely amazing.


Also amazing is that the 50 kopeck 1901-FZ was graded MS-66 with such obvious rim dings visible from the reverse at 12 o'clock. But who cares about the edge? :(

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Thank you for the insights. I was just picking on your definition of real investors.


Wondering what these real dealers are thinking: why would anyone want to increase the supply of coins, while the demand for coins across the pond is experiencing a pretty sharp decline?

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I think this is another modern phantasy. It would be interesting to hear arguments in favor of the counterstrike dating back to the Napoleonic era. :mf_napoleon: Hopefully someone from the auction house is reading this forum.

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