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graffitti ruble 1746


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Dear all !!

I need your help with a bit of translation.On the left reads:"thank you for the ruble" but I can t understand what s reading on the right side of the coin.The coin does not belong to me,it was offered but we didn t agree on the price.Can anybody help with the translation?

Thank you guys in advance.

Mihai Zaharencu.

rubla 005.JPG

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Also, I recall an episode from Russian fiction speaking of a character, who was presented with a rouble (most likely that of Elizabeth) The coin traveled with the character, and one could say it brought luck to the owner. Upon completion of his adventurers the character returned the coin to the gifter with gratitude.

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Don't be. Buying a coin with graffiti like this is a gamble: if graffiti truly dates back to 1870's it may enhance the coin's value in the eyes of some buyers, but if it turns out to be the work of a modern "artist", the value of the coin approaches the price of base metal.

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