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Please Help Me Identify This Rare Hollow Quarter


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Please help me identify this rare hollow quarter.
I got it as change from a gas station and all of my online research leads me to believe that it may possibly be a spy quarter (KGB, Soviet)
It is a 1971 Canadian quarter, the detail of the coin is unbelievable, which leads me to believe that it is not a fake, or counterfeit coin.
However when weighed it is exactly 2.4/2.5 grams which is exactly half of the weight of a Canadian minted quarter.
There is deterioration around the edge, where it appears to be opened at one time and the coin does not separate like typical known spy coins.
there is a green substance inside that appears to be oxidization,
(but i don't believe that it is oxidization... I don't exactly want to start scraping it out just in case it turns out to be some kind of suicide capsul)
Can anyone explain this coin?
Greatly Appreciated





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Not too sure what it is but it seems it was damaged by acid. As of how it got corroded inside and not affect the rest of the coin surface, I don't know. Seems unusual. As of how it is related to KGB - I don't see it.


If it is a "spy" coin, I would suspect there would have been a bit more fanciful stuff to it, i.e. transmitter.

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Similar to what the kids do here in science class. They use Lincoln Cents. Make a cut in the edge and then place them in an acid that leaves the copper but interacts with the zinc to turn it to gas. I'm guessing here the core was removed in the same manner, perhaps accidentally.

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I'll also join the consensus in saying that this appears to be a regular Canadian quarter that's been subjected to an acid attack.


I understand your thoughts about this being a hollowed out coin, but this is far from being one - if anything, you'd want it to be clean and presentable, and not something that "sticks out like a sore thumb"

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