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Danish Notgeld


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Hello and welcome to CoinPeople. Nice looking notgeld note. Sorry but I'm not at all familiar with it.

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50 Pfennig from Satrup, Danish North Schleswig.


I believe it is Lindman 1138


The ship on the back is the Rolf Krake


This may help you a bit more.


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Still not understanding what "Kai Lundman catalogued notgeld" means. Doing a search on the Internet I see there are books for sale by Kai Lundman that are in German. Still don't know what's in the book. Who is Kai Lundman? Are there pictures in the book? What does LM1138 mean for my notgeld? Is there information in the book about my notgeld? If so, what kind of information? Do I have to buy his book to get this info? The title of the book doesn't say too much, "The German Token: Series catalog notes, donation receipts and blocks 1918-1922 Unknown Binding - 1994."


Sorry about the handholding? But this is all foreign to me.

Thanks again


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Kai Lindman created a catalog of notgeld. You do not have to buy the catalog; however, using that number may help you find more information about your note.


The 1138.6 is a reference to where you can find the note in Lindman's catalogue.

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