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Ludvicus Hungarus coin or medallion


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Poland. Medal by Holzhaeussera the so-called. Kings Series, representing Louis of Hungary, Av .: Bust of the king with a crown, inscription, Ludovicus HUNGARUS, signature I.P.H, Rv .: inscription in fifteen lines: DE Stirpe / Gallica ..., H-Vol. 3422, Racz. 600, silver, mean 44.93 mm, weight 38.90 g.


Johann Philip Holzhauser Medallist who resided at Warsaw, 1764-1792.


24 Silver Medals of the Polish Kings were commissioned in the 1790's by the King Stanisław August Poniatowski. The first 11 by Johann Philip Holzhäuser, and the last 12 by Johann Jacob Reichel. On each obverse is a boldly detailed and exquisitely crafted portrait of the respective king. The reverses bear biographical details. The rulers depicted are as follows: Bołeslaw I Chrobry ("the Brave"), Wencelaus (Wacław) of Bohemia, Władysław I Lokietek ("the Short"), Kazimerz III Wielki ("the Great"), Louis (Ludwik) of Hungary, Jadwiga Angevin, Władysław II Jagiello, Władysław III of Varna, Kazimierz IV, Jan Olbracht, Alexander Jagiello, Sigismund I "the Old (Stary)," Sigismund II August, Henri de Valois, Stefan Bathory, Sigismund III Vasa, Władysław IV, Jan Kazimierz, Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki, Jan Sobieski, August II Mocny ("the Strong"), Stanisław Leszczynski, and August III.


Where did your date 1890-1892 come from? Forrer gives the time he was in Warsaw as 1764-1792.

The snippet below is from a book written in 1843 "Gabinet Medalow Polskich" by Edwarda Hr. Raczyskiego.






If you noticed the "Racz 600" that is the number given in the 1843 book the plate below shows it and the adjacent medals in the series.



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The link I posted https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=410&lot=1219 gives the auction price realized as 11000 PLN (Polish Zloty) in January 2013 which is $3,250 now. That seems to me to be extremely high, if you look at a few of lots before and after it they are much lower. That is the extent of my info re value, just that one auction result.


http://www.katalogmonet.pl/Kr%C3%B3tko-o/Seria-kr%C3%B3lewska-Holzhaeussera-i-Reichla This helps explain the high value & how to spot fakes.


A google translation "Today, the original silver and bronze medals appear on the secondary market extremely rare, not to say occasionally.Are issued on the largest numismatic auction and only single copies. Some decades have not appeared on the market, which may indicate that it is beaten in uneven expenditure or some of them have been melted (but these are just guesses). Once the silver medal at the auction will be its price exceeds 10,000 zł. For Brown must now pay a little less. They are therefore extremely valuable and one of the most sought-Polish medals. It should be noted that in the course of numerous forgeries that are mostly brown cast. Most of them are performed work of cottage and easy to distinguish. Rarely, because rarely but sometimes there are good counterfeit copies and keep this in mind when purchasing a possible medal "at a bargain price."

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