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Hey everyone, one of our senior content writers, Steven, is a pretty avid metal detectorist. He spends his weekends at Clearwater Beach and other places along Tampa Bay looking for shinies left along the shoreline. For anyone interested in metal detecting and hunting for buried coins, check out this great Beginner's Guide he put together for aspiring treasure hunters. He even recommends some of the best equipment to use, strategies to employ when searching various types of terrain, and some tips on etiquitte and how to endear yourself to both the other metal detectorists and bystanding observers. Don't worry, this isn't spam, just some info on a popular related hobby.

You can take a look here: http://www.gainesvillecoins.com/article/metal-detecting-guide


Just thought I'd pass it along for anyone who might find it useful or intriguing. Happy collecting!

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Great tips! I wish I used mine more than the two times I have. I was mostly worried about places to detect. This whole nation seems owned and posted "no trespassing"!

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Ah, that's a good point about trespassing and private property, and it really helps if you're by a beach. Glad you enjoyed the info, though! I just hear too many stories about people finding incredible relics or hoards of old coins to not entertain the idea of metal detecting on the weekends occasionally. I do think the treasure finder's laws in the U.K., or at least their practices where the state splits the money between finder and landowner and puts the find in a museum, are more sensible than in the U.S. Here, everything's a lawsuit!

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