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San Marino 50 centesimi, 1898 - fake


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Weight is exactly 2.5 g, Diameter = 18 mm


Maybe somebody will be interested in this information.

This coin is a fake and has been made by use of electrolysis, and whoever made, it is quite well skilled.

So, please pay close attention to this specific coin if you will decide to buy one.



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Thank you for sharing. What clues are there that tell us that this is electrolysis?

Hi thedeadpoint,

Sorry for the confusion :pardon: I mean this coin made by electrotyping.

The coin edge, of course, supports this conclusion




On this microphoto of the edge, one can see the rest of longitudinal tracks and many scratches, typical, if someone was trying to hide soldering signs. The similar features are everywhere around the edge.


Unfortunately, the picture is in b & w, but actual color, I see on the edge, looks like a brass color.


So, it's a "sandwich" with top and bottom parts made from brass by electrotyping and the space between them is filled with some cn-pb solder to make the right weight. Then it was plated with silver.



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