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PCGS reconsideration

harpagon coins

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Does anyone have experience with the reconsideration service offered by PCGS.
I'd like two of my coins reconsidered. I sent a lot of Weimar coins which came back well and consistently graded. However another lot of German State coins I sent were a little more shoddily graded - at least from a consistency point of view and two in particular were completely off the mark.
The two in particular are proofs as the Germans would call them. I'm well aware that Proof for German grading sometimes takes into account very well preserved examples of MS coins, without sticking to the technical definition of the word.
Setting aside the vague definition of "proof" German's attribute, the two coins are definitely exceptional MS - visibly above MS64. One came back as an MS64 and the other a disappointing MS62. We're talking coins with no scratches or contact marks seen by the naked eye and with a nice all round luster. Even under magnification, there are no hairlines or anything sufficiently detracting to hold them back at the MS64 and 62 tier.
I wonder, if sending them in for reconsideration, could they be regraded by several points, say from MS62 TO MS66, or that kind of jump in regrading never happens?
If anyone has experience or insight into this, I'd really appreciate it!


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