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China Manchukuo coin album complete - well kinda...


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This has been a rather long journey - with a total of just 50 coins, you would think this is an easy set to achieve. Catalog value might suggest one thing but I've learned it the hard way. Some surprisingly undervalued coins included 1933 1 fen, 1943 and 1944 5 fen and 1 fen and so forth.


I've literally bought hundred of these coins and upgraded them along the way and sold off the duplicates. Not cheap but there has been some stunners in what I bought. Some strong UNC coins which are no longer affordable including a strong proof like, if not proof 1939 1 jiao. Some nice copper and aluminum coins as well.


There are a couple of key date coins which I unfortunately realized that one is a counterfeit - 1939 5 li and 1943 1 jiao (old type) which is potentially a counterfeit. For now I decided to use them as fillers and keep on hunting for genuine examples. Most 5 li coins are difficult to find in reasonable condition except for 1934 and 1937.


I reckon this album is a lot harder than you may think. A type set is very very easy to do however when attempting an entire set, this may take a while. Nevertheless, enough talk and enjoy the view!




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I really like the albums you've been creating. I honestly wish that I had that talent. I'd create some customized type set albums.

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