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Friedrich Von Schiller by Allen & Moore

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The previous post jogged my memory re this medal, which I brought about 3 years ago!


Catalogue Of The Great Exhibition 1851
300 s—Designers and Manufacturers. Allen & Moore
Vesta match-boxes; cigar boxes. Taper-stands and lamps; and other fancy articles in metal.
Case of medals:—Head of Prince Albert, and view of the Exhibition building. Duke of Cambridge, and Governesses' Asylum. Friedrich Von Schiller. Jenny Lind. Cavaignac. Louis Napoleon. Heads, from Da Vinci, Scheffer, &o.

52mm Heavily silvered fields/white metal, very thick planchet. One of the finest medals that they produced.


A slight mystery, there is a faint, partially removed, inscription below the wreath on the reverse, which I need to look into!




Could make out C-B-RY L. NORTON BIRM, and found this; NORTON, C. L. (Brit.'). A Birmingham Bookseller, who published a Portrait-medal of Schiller, by Allen and Moore. This medal was engraved by Joseph Moore for the "William Tell" Society

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