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Detecting mold on BankNotes


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Hi all,


Do you have any practical tips or links to books and sites, on how to distinguish mold from stains and dirt on the banknotes?


I have started collecting recently and it has not occurred to me that the notes could be moldy and infect the other UNC notes. So after reading on the forums I became super paranoid :shock: and quarantined everything that has any stain on it.


Since I would hate to pass on a note to someone and ruin someones collection, and on the other hand would hate to destroy the note with small staining that is still a piece of history, I have started to research this topic, but the information is really hard to find.


For experienced collectors, how big issue is if there is any mold (mildew) on the note, how easily does it spread and what would you recommend to do with such a note?

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