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pictures that go to my last reply for needing help on coin errors

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Hi everyone first of all Thank you all for the last reply's. Here are some pictures of the 1998 quarter that I was wondering if this is an upside down number 8 an also 1994 D Lincoln Penny that has RP President several times over an again were he is suppose to be on the reverse side. Excuse my wording as I am fairly new to this. It is kind of hard to see by the pictures but under my lighting an magnifying glass I can see this very clearly also the picture doesn't show this raised but in fact it is. Since I have found nothing on this ever happening is this considered an error? or errors I Thank you all again for your help. Kim Im sorry but for some reason I cannot get the quarter to download on this sight I will have to post a new question I think in order to download the picture?

RP President Reverse.jpg

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Hi! It sounds like you're suggesting that's there a ghost image of Lincoln (from the obverse) on the reverse side.


If so - this could be "ghosting" (metal flow irregularity due to metal flow issues as a result of a high obverse relief), which for some series (notably many 1970s US half dollars and 1900s-20s British pennies) or it could be a clashed die (significantly less likely, the result of the dies clashing with each other resulting in design transfer)

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