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queen mother 2002 £5 errors


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I think that's what is called post-mint damage - the coin was probably struck correctly but it looks like someone ground it down.


Let's see what others think!

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It's a bit hard to tell from the pictures presented alone, but these could be Type I and Type II blank planchets.


Additional photos and weights (to the 0.1g) would be helpful in attempting to make a further determination. :-)

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Excellent - thank for confirming the weight and origin.

In turn, I'll confirm that they do appear, in my opinion, to be Type I and Type II blanks. (before and after rimming, but before striking)

A neat pair to have together. Value is hard to assess since in many countries, there are relatively few collectors for error coins.

If I saw them at a coin show and I hadn't already bought something else I liked, I might consider them at about $100 or so for a trio (the two errors plus a regular one) even though they don't exactly fit in with what I normally collect.


Of course, what they're worth to me may not be the same as what they're worth to someone else, which could be more or less. As noted, this is not particularly my area of expertise.

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