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1890 Morgan Dollar CC worth to buy?


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I'm looking at picking this coin up at auction tomorrow, and know the rough price guidelines, but am not familiar on where I should rate this coin in this condition between circulated and uncirculated. Am I right at looking at a purchase price at around US$50? There seems to be a big difference in worth from one end of the scale to the other.


Edit: I just noticed the top of right wing of eagle near end of wreath looks like some sort of error, is this a known variant?


Edit 2: I know I'm talking to myself at this stage, but Die Polishing? Would this increase the value of the coin in this case for any reason?


Thanks for your help



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I can't comment on the first question, but on the second question - the lines on this piece are from cleaning, though it seems light enough that it's not too bad.


I would generally avoid any piece where you are unable to fully examine it (in this case, the edge), especially for more expensive pieces.

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