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Identification help please


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Hi all, could I please ask for help identifying attached? I've looked everywhere on the net, but no luck. Horse/ horseman on both sides, 2.4cm diameter, 10 grams, possibly Greek or Celts or fake. Coin is upset on each side by 180 degrees- stamped upside down on one side.


Thanks for any help.



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Sorry Paul. I can't really help with this but I'm sure someone will be along pretty soon to give a hand. Welcome again.

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Looks just to be a crude copy of the reverses of 2 Philip II of Macedonia coins, similar to these from http://www.coinproject.com/search_emperor.php?type=1&emp=Philip+II&mint=Amphipolis&sort=reference2&page=2




What sort of age it is I cannot tell, ancient to modern or anywhere in between. Some one else might know.

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