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Howdy from Jo-Ja.

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My name is Robert, and I don't have a coin problem (I believe that is the first sign). I am 24 and hail from Marietta, GA. I work for the American Red Cross Biomedical Services (professional vampire or sorts), but I am in the middle of the process for becoming a police officer with a local university. My interests in coins are as follows: any and all cents (love the flying eagles and 1943's), Morgans (who doesn't?), toned coins, PCGS graded coins, type sets, errors, bullion, buffalos, any oddball US stuff, some foreign stuff, and coins as investments (need to learn a lot more).


While building type sets and learning all I can, I am trying to define some motifs to focus on. I am researching a dog motif (I have a shepherd and a chihuahua...aka...my children).


Thus far, I have enjoyed my stay and I am looking forward to becoming a regular participating member. I have a lot of questions to ask, and there seems to be a cornucopia (love that word) or answers.



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Welcome glad you're enjoying being here. A dog theme collection should be quite interesting. Enjoy it. Don't forget to share with us.

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Welcome SquirrelNuts from another coin nut in Indiana! Glad to have you aboard. You have discovered a very interesting hobby here with NO end! I am one of the few die hard Euro collectors here in the U.S. who seeks the silver Euro commemorative. Have found an absolutely GREAT bunch of collectors in Europe to buy and trade with! Look forward to hearing from you often!

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It gives me great pleaser to Welcome you to the Wonderful place here. it is a land like no other with free posting and a few silent partners we here would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and send you a big spazmatic Wlcome.

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