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Coins to identify.


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Top left: 1872? Straits Settlements 1 Cent

Top centre: 1854K France 5 Centimes

Top right: 1877 Spain 5 Centimos

Centre left: Indian temple token

Centre centre: appears to be Spanish early 1800s.

Centre right: Indian temple token

Bottom row: Indian "dump" type coins. Outside of my area of expertise.

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Thank you both for the warm welcome and detailed information.

I googled the 1872 Straits and come up with this (you were right, the closer look at the appears to be 1872):


Year 1872 1872H

Mintage - 5,770,000

Note only proof Small H below neck

V.Fine - 20

E.Fine - 110

Uncirculated - 470

Proof 7500 Rare


I needed to google meaning of the each column. How do you grade those coins, because we are not sure if those coins would fit at least to "Very fine".

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The Straits cent would grade between "About Good" and "Good", which would be several grades below "Very Fine".


The grading system goes:




About Good


Very Good


Very Fine

Extremely Fine

About Uncirculated



(Proofs are specially made collector versions with special dies and usually stronger strikes)

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