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Wm Baasch Good For 1 Loaf Bread Las Vegas New Mexico


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Hi everyone,


Just got a heap of tokens at auction today and in it is a US ''Good For'' token.


William Baasch Good For 1 Loaf Bread L:as Vegas N.M (this being New Mexico) - Hexagon shape, blank reverse


I have surfed the net and found that it has a Rarity Value of R10 (this being rare). Does anyone have any idea on its possible value?


I found an auctioneers website that sold 3 various tokens (which included one of these Baasch tokens) and the lot went for $100, so I'm thinking it's probably about $30 (or around £20'odd) on its own


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Before the Mafia took over Las Vegas, Nevada, Las Vegas, New Mexico, was the place associated with the name. From the days of the Santa Fe Trail, Las Vegas, New Mexico, was the entrepot to the territory, even after statehood in 1912. Although Santa Fe always was the territorial capital, even in the days of the Spanish and later while Old Mexico held the territory, that town depended on Las Vegas. At that time, Albuquerque was little more than the square called "Old Town" today. It was only after World War II that Albuquerque took off like an A-bomb on a V-Rocket.

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