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I know this 10 Kroner is rare, but how rare?

Joe Giaquinto

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Hello Everybody. I'd be interested in your thoughts on this 10 Kroner Norway Norges Bank 1944 banknote. It was acquired during our father's infantry service during World War 2 Battle of the Bulge, campaigns, etc. I think it's one of the Norges Bank WWII Government-in-Exile 10 Kroners dated 1944 with Prefix Z and KRIGSSEDDEL. Pick P. 20b. London Issue Norway paper money. Another interesting thing about this rare banknote is that it was signed in the field by at least one or two soldiers.


The bill is in good shape but has some wear and is faded somewhat. I noted the paper has a slight curl along the left edge of the front of the bill.


I have only found minimal references to this note. There are many other 10 Kroner notes but not this one. I also found one auction that sold for $300 but other numismatic references online say this is worth much more money.


Is it a rare piece and how valuable would it be if sold at auction or retail? Thank you for all your help.



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Hello Joe. Nice looking note. Hopefully one of the knowledgeable note collectors will be along to give you some info. Welcome to CoinPeople.

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Very cool, Joe! What a great story behind it! I, too, hope some of the other very helpful members here can shed some light on this for you. Thanks for sharing!

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You are correct in your attribution. This is the 10 kronor note in the occupation series, I believe printed in London. They are tougher to find - probably the hardest of Norwegian 20th century notes - but I wouldn't call this particular note "rare." The 50 and 100 (and the 500 and 1,000 but I've never seen them - only specimens) from this series are just downright scarce. The 10, 1, and 2 come up from time to time and the 5 is a little tougher.


In your grade, I'd say for numismatic purposes due to the signature on the front and the tape on the sides you're looking $200 - $300 to the right person. That's my 2 cents.

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This note is not rare, at least here in Norway. They were produced in London by the Goverment in exile and there were two series, 1942 and 1944. The 1 and 2 kroner from 1942 and 5, 10, 50 and 100 kroner 1944 were released for circulation in may 1945 and withdrawn a few months later. 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 kroner from the 1942 series were not released for circulation, but a few sets from 1942 were presented as gifts to prominent people after the second world war and I believe seven sets are known (and a circulated 50kr 1942 was discovered on ebay.co.uk last year...nobody knows how it found its way into circulation). There are also several specimen notes known.

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