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Saint Louis IX 1938 or 1939


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Hey guys , here's another one. I looked online with moderate success on this French Bronze Medal . 700th Anniversary of St Louis bringing the Crown of Thorns to Paris, 1939, a bronze medal by P.-M. Dammann for Arthus-Bertrand, standing figure of St Louis, reverse frontal elevation of Sainte-Chapelle, 80mm, edge stamped either 86 or 98. I got the above info on the DNW auction site , says valued at 50 to 60 English Silver Pounds. their's with a "64" stamped on side sold for 40 English silver pounds. I found an identical on the website of The University Museum of Bergen , in Norway.


University museums Coins and Medals

Artefact Type: Medal

Collection: University Museum of Bergen

InventoryNumber: BMM_02303

Date: 1939

Place Name: France

Weight: 582.0

Measure: D. 127.0

Material Symbol: AE

Material: Bronze

Material English: Bronze

Production Method: Injected

Subject: St. Louis IX

MotifAdverse: Louis the holy crusader dressed in costume and crown, he holds a cloth with Jesus' crown of thorns. A lodrett beam behind him is covered with French lilies.

Motif Reverse: Prospect of Sainte Chapelle in Paris.

InscriptionAdverse: SAINT Lovisa

InscriptionReverse: EN L'AN DE GRACE / 1239 SAINT Lovisa AP / LA PORTE COVRON / NE D'Epine A PARIS

Artist / Medal List: Dammann, Paul Marcel, Dammann, Paul Marcel


A friend of mine told me he saw one for sale online for $350 to $400 USD . <<snip>>. The Medal was made the year on or before P.M. Dammann's death. Please let me know what yall think., either here or at rutledgea20@yahoo.com

Thnaks for your time fellas , and gals

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