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What Gold & Silver Coins Do The Experts Covet Most?


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Hey everyone,


So, the Content team at Gainesville Coins reached out and did a bit of research on what coins experts within the industry are most interested in. We limited their responses to just 3 coins in order to narrow it down to their absolute favorites. I think we pulled a fairly decent array of personalities--some people were hardcore numismatists, others were avid bullion stackers, and still others were primarily financial analysts--that represent a diversity of expertise with coins. Some gave detailed explanations, while others were matter-of-fact.

We asked our esteemed panel, “If you could ONLY have 3 gold coins or silver coins, which would they be, and why?" The results of our experimental "Expert Round-Up" can be found here>>http://www.gainesvillecoins.com/article/the-most-coveted-gold-and-silver-coins


Take a look at their responses, and maybe a few of their choices will resonate with you. Then again, maybe not! We saw plenty of suggestions for rare numismatic coins, both U.S. and foreign, while some respondents preferred modern bullion coins. I would love for this to spark a discussion in the forum. We're all "CoinPeople" here, so feel free to offer your own informed choices!

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Interesting poll. The answers sure cover a wide range of appetites. It's not surprising to find the 1907 HiRelief and the 1933 St. Gaudens there. My answer: I wouldn't want any gold, as I consider it bad luck to own. It's a personal thing.



  • Morgan Dollar - Gem PU dollar - date is unimportant to me on this.
  • 1921 Peace Dollar - Hi Relief
  • A 2000 Sac in silver --- I know there has to be one of these out there somewhere.
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Art, I would agree that the responses we got do cover a pretty wide range of tastes, so by that measure, I would call the "round-up" a success.

Yeh, you're probably never going to poll coin experts about their favorites, or what they'd most like to have in their collection, without hearing about the 1933 Saint and the 1907 High Relief. Definitely iconic American coins.

I really like your choice of the 1921 High Relief Peace dollar. It would be something to see, and I haven't encountered a lot of the High Relief designs, let alone an old circulating one. A lot of people have mentioned the supposed 1964 Peace dollar, but something tells me that even if those coins were struck, they no longer exist.

And, good point, there's gotta be a silver Sacagawea out there somewhere; hell, that mule of a 2000 State quarter obverse and a 2000 Sacagawea reverse (or something like that) wasn't supposed to exist, and it sold for over $100 grand. Let the hunt for the Silver Sac begin!

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