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Looking for info on double-tailed nickel


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I hope someone can explain what I've found.


The coin is struck with the reverse on both sides (double-tailed), so it has no date stamp or mint mark. The sides are offset by about 90 degrees (a quarter turn).




It has clearly been circulated, as I received it in charge at a local store. I only became aware of it because a vending machine wouldn't take it (which I assume means that the weight is wrong).


The condition could best be described as "good."


Since there are no reports on the Web for double-tailed nickels, I'm wondering if this is a "mule" or some sort of counterfeit.


Any help in figuring out what this is will be appreciated.


Thank you!

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It's a coin manufactured as a novelty. Usually they are made by splitting two nickels and then mounting the like parts together. If you check the edge carefully with a magnifier you'll find a seam. Fun coin to find.

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