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Value of coin collection and also circulated rolls of silver coins


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I am new. I started collecting coins in the 60s and also began buying silver

What should I expect that I can sell rolls of SILVER coins for Is it not possible to get 20 x

Face value for half dollars quarters dimes and nickels

Is it a formula. ie 90 percent x value

I have not looked at these coins in 40 years

They have been in a safe

Due to age it is smart for me to sell

None of my heirs have an interest or would know what to do with them

I also have silver $ collection (encased)

And hundreds of extras Almost complete Indian head collection. Including 1877 in fair condition

Some Bu s and Unc s (all encased) and probably

500 extras including 3 extra flying eagles

Plus more proofs etc

Looking for advice on how best to sell

Assume I can get more. Other than selling to dealer. But hope to do so with minimum amt

Of time

Will welcome any advice


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One of the easiest ways to check silver value is to use the Coinflation site. Here's a link to it.



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Prior to considering selling, make sure you know what you have. There are many sites with approximate values of coins. Numismedia is one. The PCGS forum too has coin prices.

Unfortunately all of these are GUIDES. In other words, mostly a guess as to what they are worth. In reality, all of those are mostly for you buying, not selling unless you use ebay or something like that.

Your selling price will almost always be much less than what people say they are worth.

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I am trying to build up my collection,<<snip>>. I started collecting two years ago when I got a job at the bank as a teller to help put me through college so I looked through a lot of coins during that time. It isn't as easy finding them anymore since I am not constantly in contact with large amounts of coin. So again, let me know if you'd be interested!


Thank you,


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