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Australian Pre-decimal Silver Coin Information & Gallery

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Nice subject. So what have you got to share with us to "kick it off"? Welcome to CoinPeople and I'm glad you're here. Australian coins are very interesting. I have a small collection - mostly 3d and 6d pieces. I'll see if I can dig up a few images to post.

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Ok guys, how do I upload pics coz I've got a *huge* collection of Aussie Pre-decimal Silver coins!

The best thing is to host them on one of the photo sites. I use flickr but there are many that are nice. I select the little box to share a photo in flickr. Pick the size I want and then copy the resultant url info that appears. Then I go to my post and paste it.



14439307891_56aa7eebf9.jpggermany series 1944 1 mark front by UGotaHaveArt, on Flickr

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Here is my example of the 1934-35 Victoria/Melbourne Centenary Florin. NGC doesn't attribute the "full wreath head, nipple (specimen)" type for this coin, but this is the fully struck version of the design -- referred to by some as the "Specimen" strike. I'm providing close-up images of the horseman to show what I mean.


The striations on the obverse are all raised in hand, and thus are die polish lines. I think NGC was overly harsh on the grade of MS62 on this one as they didn't understand what it truly was. But, in the end their lower grade allowed me to pick this coin up for a song (at least as far as this issue goes).





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